Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Excommunicated Today, Canonized Tomorrow", Roman Catholic Church Teaches Primacy of Conscience, Demonstration on Sept. 23, 2015 in Washington DC During Pope Francis Visit

From left to right, Donna Rougeux, ARCWP, Janice Sevre Duszynska, ARCWP, Jerry Zawarda, Franciscan with walker,
Marie Eitz, RCWP, Roy Bourgeois, 

Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,
"Anyone upon whom the ecclesiastical authorities, in ignorance of the true facts, impose a demand that offends against his [her] clear conscience should perish in excommunication rather than violate his conscience."
 St. Thomas Aquinas, Sentences IV, 38, 2, 5

Photos by Guilia Bianchi of Roman Catholic Women Priests Demonstration in Washington DC.
Participants who were arrested were: Janice Sevre Duszynska, ARCWP, Donna Rougeux, ARCWP, Jane Via, RCWP, and Marie Eitz, RCWP (all are excommunicated) and Roy Bourgeis, excommunicated and dismissed from Maryknoll for support of women priests and Fr. Jerry Zawada, a Franciscan priest, who has co-presided at two liturgies with Janice Sevre Duszynska at SOA Watch Vigil. Fr. Jerry is seated in chair.. Advocates and Representatives from Women's Ordination were present holding Ordain Women banner. 

Women's Ordination Leaders, Kate Conmy and Erin Hanna in middl
Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,
Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,
Donna Rougeux, ARCWP
Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,

Franciscan Priest, Jerry Zawada
Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,
Janice Sevre Duszynska, ARCWP
Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,
Roy Bourgeois, Maryknoll Priest dismissed for support of women priests
Photo by Nausicaa Giulia Bianch,

Pope Benedict canonized two formerly excommunicated nuns, Mother Theodore Guerin and Mother Mary MacKillop, thereby making excommunication the new fast track to canonization.
So, one could propose that women priests and our supporters are Excommunicated Today, but could be Canonized Tomorrow! Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

All photos by Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi. To see more of her documentation of women priests go to"

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