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Sunday Liturgy and Celebration of Heart of Compassion Faith Community Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Sunday Liturgy and Celebration
CC – Co-celebrant                                                                                     … brief pause
Opening Prayer, Gathering In
Join in Song
Celebrant: In the name of our Holy One, Source of all that is, and of Jesus, Heart of Compassion, and of Spirit Sophia, our Liberator and Wisdom Guide.
ALL: Amen
Celebrant: The Holy One is with us. The grace and peace of Jesus Christ and the love of Divine Spirit are with us.
ALL: We give thanks and praise for You always and everywhere with us.
CC1: Divine Creator of all living beings and all of creation, You seek and search us, one with us in every breath, and one with the breath of our beloved universe.
CC2: Wisdom Jesus, You sent us your Spirit and are with us now as Compassionate Presence. As companions of empowerment, You invite us to be a discipleship of equals, to treat others as we would want to be treated.
CC3: Infinite Mercy, You taught us to honor the sanctity of life, to reverence every living being, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and respect.
CC4: We gather today to celebrate Your active presence in all of creation, to give thanks for the many gifts You have given us, and to receive sustenance in being Your compassionate presence for others.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Peace
Celebrant:  Yahweh, Your covenant with the Israelite people gave the promise of a new creation through mercy and justice for the vulnerable. You sent Jesus to teach us how to continue in this fidelity.  We, too, are one with Your covenant and part of Your new creation.
Holy One, we come to You to heal and transform us, to be your compassion and forgiveness.
In the Hebrew tradition, Ruah was Breath of God.  We now rediscover our ancient heritage through the rhythm of our breath …  with our eyes closed, we feel our breath move in and out … the rise and fall of our chest and belly … we breathe into the space of our hearts, God’s passionate love for us … we breathe out God’s infinite love for everyone and all of creation …
With open hearts, we surface an image of a significant person in our life …  from the quiet of our hearts we say, “Please forgive me … I forgive you … thank you … I love you.” (Repeat - one or more persons in need, our land, water, air). Song
Celebrant: God of Love, Midwife of Grace, You draw us into new life in the everlasting breakthrough of your mothering heart. You forgive us when we ask for forgiveness and forgive us even before we ask. In the depths of our mystical souls and in our prophetic call, empower us to choose only love and to be Your peace. ALL: Amen

Liturgy of the Word
First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading
Gospel Acclamation: (ALL Sing) Alleluia
Gospel Reading Reader: The good news of Jesus Christ. ALL: Glory and praise to you, Jesus Christ. After Gospel: (ALL Sing) Alleluia followed by Shared Homily
Profession of Faith
Celebrant: Holy God, Living Water
ALL:  You, whose compassion sustains the cosmos.
Your Divine energy infuses all cellular life.
You are Alpha and Omega.
Beginning and End. We believe...
Celebrant:  Jesus, wheeling Fire incarnate
ALL:  You, whose life inspires passionate commitment.
Your Divine energy inflames our minds and hearts.
You are dying and rising in transforming love. We believe…
Celebrant: Divine One, breathing creation
ALL:  You who hovered over the waters,
brooded over the unborn world.
Holy Wisdom, Holy Spirit,
in the push of your laboring love
the Universe here, You with us. All: We believe...
Celebrant: In your great surrounding space
ALL: Our loved ones, friends and companions,
they Your presence who embrace, keep us safe,
witness our anxieties and concerns, energize and guide.
In the hospitality and care of the Risen Christ,                                          3
they urge us into communion, into at-one-ment. We believe …
Celebrant: In the community of church
ALL: We are companions of empowerment
midwives all, birthing one another in life until death.
We belong to You Holy God in faith, hope and love. We believe...

Prayer of the Faithful
Response (ALL Sing)
Celebrant: From the sacred space within where You dwell, we offer our prayers for ourselves, for one another, and for all of creation.
CC5: We pray for the homeless and destitute in our city; for those afflicted with addictions and mental illness; and for all who are sick and dying. R …
 CC6: We pray for people everywhere who are subjected to suffering inflicted by oppressive systems and practices. R …
CC7: Inspire us with Your energy of love to create communities of peace where compassion is a driving force for change such that all of creation knows the fullness of life. R...
Celebrant: Now, let us offer any other prayer arising within our hearts. R …
For these and for all other petitions, too deep for words, we pray to You. R…
Celebrant: God of mercy and love, help us to be Your compassionate, justice-making presence whenever we come upon Your people in need. When we feel helpless to alleviate suffering, turn us toward You in prayer on their behalf.
Eucharistic Prayer
Preparation of the Gifts
(If you’re able, please assume a praying posture)
Celebrant:  Blessed are You, God of all Creation, through Your goodness we have this bread to offer which earth has given and we have made.  It is the bread that nourishes us in remembrance of Your life.
ALL: Blessed is God forever
CC1: Blessed are you, God of all Creation, through Your goodness, we have this wine to offer, fruit of the vine and pressed by winemakers. It is our spiritual drink in remembrance of Your covenant of love with us.
ALL:  Blessed is God forever.
Celebrant: Beloved One, we are united in this Sacrament by the love of Jesus Christ, in communion with Mary and all the Saints. They are Your light in a world often in darkness...
ALL: Holy One, accept these gifts from our hands for the praise and glory of Your name, for our good and the good of all Your people.
CC1: Ever Gentle One, Jesus showed us how to live a compassionate and loving life, strong in truth and in integrity, bringing hope to all. He spoke for justice for the poor and outcast as did many prophets and spiritual leaders in other faith traditions. Accept our gifts and our worship.
Celebrant: We offer our lives in service to You and Your people. Fill us with Your spirit and light in all we say and do, Presence with and in us always.
ALL: Amen
Prayers of the Eucharist
Celebrant: Our God is with you.
ALL: And with you.
Celebrant: Come to the table in the fullness of your hearts.
ALL: We open our hearts to God and one another.
Celebrant: Let us give thanks to our God.
ALL: We offer our thanks and praise to You, Our God.
CC1: Cosmic One beyond our imagining, we give thanks for the gift of consciousness that helps us see You in all creation.
CC2: Everything we have, everything we see and do, everyone we love and all who love us reveal Your sustaining presence.
CC3: You express yourself in human life and through us, You sing and dance, speak and write, love and create. In this we never cease to hope and for this we thank and praise You.
CC4: Thank You for Jesus, who loved so greatly, taught so clearly, and proclaimed so courageously.  He set people free from ways that bound them in fear and separation from You.  
CC5: Thank You for men and women who stood by Jesus during His life and after His resurrection, for their example of fidelity and courage.
CC6: With Jesus, we know our loving actions become a share in Your life.  In Jesus, we see Your Spirit challenging us to make Your presence more visible through our acts of compassion and justice-making on behalf of all of creation...
CC7: For this we thank and praise You, join with the saints of all times as they sing forever to your glory:
ALL Sing:
Holy, holy, holy God, Spirit of Love, Spirit of Peace. Heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed are all who come in the name of our God. Hosanna in the highest, hosanna in the highest.
Celebrant and All (extend hands toward and over the gifts):
Loving God, intensify the presence of Your Spirit in these our gifts, as they, and we, become the + Body and Blood of Jesus the Christ for our wholeness and the wholeness of all of creation.
 ALL:   On the night before he died, while at supper with his friends, Jesus took the Bread, spoke the blessing, broke the bread and offered it them saying:  Take and eat, this is my body. (ALL bow)
ALL: When supper was ended, Jesus took the cup of wine, spoke the blessing and offered it to them saying: Take and drink of the covenant made new again through my life in you. Do this in memory of me.
 Celebrant: Let us proclaim the mystery of faith.
Eucharistic Acclamation
All:  In every creature that has ever breathed, Christ has lived; in every living being that has passed on before us, Christ has died; in everything yet to be, Christ will come again.
CC1: Divine Presence, through Jesus you entrusted this pledge of love to us. 
CC2: You fill us with Your Spirit and light in the sharing of this meal.
CC3: Your Spirit keeps us in communion, to live equality and be Your peace.
CC4: We pray for people of all faiths that equality in their understanding becomes a touchstone for sacred practices.                                                                              7
CC5: We marvel at the wonders of the universe and our place within it, united with all creation. Teach us to nurture and to give care.
CC6:We pause to name holy women and men, past and present …
CC7: Spirit Sophia guide us in being Your wisdom and compassion...
Through Christ, with Christ and in Christ, all honor and glory are Yours, now and forever. ALL sing: The Great Amen

The Jesus Prayer
Celebrant:  Please join hands as together we pray...
ALL: Our Creator God who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Your kin-dom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from all evil. Amen.

The Sign of Peace
Celebrant: Jesus said to his friends, “Peace I leave you. My peace I give you.”
ALL: Let us offer one another a sign of peace.
Celebrant and ALL: (break bread)
Loving Creator, You call us to live the Gospel of peace and justice; we will live justly...
Loving Creator, You call us to be your compassionate presence; we will love tenderly...
Loving Creator, You call us to speak truth to those who oppress; we will walk with integrity...
Celebrant: Jesus Christ, You dwell in us. Jesus Christ You liberate, heal and transform us and all of creation.  Blessed are You who provides food and drink for the journey.
ALL: We are one Body of Christ, worthy to receive You and blessed to be healed by You. May we become what we eat.
Please pass the bread and wine saying:
Jesus, Bread of Life. Response: Amen
Jesus, Cup of Hope.  Response: Amen
Join in Song
(Period of silence)
Prayer after Communion
Celebrant:  Loving Creator, Holy Mystery, we thank You for Your love and Your presence of compassion within and among us.  Today we have remembered You and all holy ones of all time. We ask You to continue to be with us this and everyday of our lives as we follow in Your way, Your truth and Your life.
ALL: In the compassionate presence of the Risen Christ-Sophia, may we grow in expression of our deepest response to love...
Be inspired in our deeply spiritual and political call to join with all people to be prophets for radical change within our communities, local and global...

Final Blessing

 (Please extend your hands in mutual blessing.)
Celebrant: Endless Light, Divine Word, Jesus Wisdom, You are Healer and Lover of each of us. You are our prophetic hope and steadfast compassionate presence.
ALL: Embraced by the love of Spirit-Sophia who lights our path forward always and in the One Heart of Compassion...
May the peace of Unfolding Mystery which passes all understanding fill us with serenity and all the graces we need.
Celebrant: Go in the peace of Christ. As midwives of grace, be fire and light our world with justice and compassion!
ALL: We give thanks to You, our God.
Closing Song

 Heart of Compassion Faith Community
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Rev. Dr. Michele Birch-Conery, Bishop
Association for Roman Catholic Women Priests
(519) 962-7016

Rev. Dr. Barbara Billey, Priest
Association for Roman Catholic Women Priests
(519) 735-3943

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