Saturday, April 30, 2016

Homily on John 17:20-16 by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP, Colombia, South America

The community'ps-punishable listening to the text of John 17: 20-46
The community of post-punishable listening to the text of John 17: 20-46
We are in the new headquarters of the Foundation Hand Embroidery, today 29 April 2016. motivating them, reflecting and sharing the Word, for the Eucharist on Sunday.
Do not let overlook, today, one of our holy very important in the life of the Church patron saints: St. Catherine of Siena and publicizing it the following sentence:
                                        St. Catherine of Siena
Eco how beautiful this woman leaves us to this day.
Now think how nice things does not leave the Word of God we have just heard?
Maria Elena : I think Jesus was complaining to God that the world has not known you, "but if you've met and these have known that thou hast sent me" .
How well Maria Elena. Let's see who wants to add something to this comment.
Silencioooo ... Let's see, all the time not to listen to us.
Saturnina do you mean? For days not seen you, I take the opportunity to welcome you.
Saturnina : I was thinking ... and I say here, I hardly know my God, and I have many years I'm old ...
Ligia:  happens to me the same. How can we know God?
Consuelo:  We have said that God is everywhere.
Beatriz:  That you said Consuelo, is true. But, it's like a habit to say, we have not worried confirm their presence.
Well said Beatriz, thanks: "We have not worried confirm their presence" I think that we would have to do continuously. Who made this day?
All God!
And yesterday? All God!
If he / she has created Heaven and Earth and all that exists. When someone throws cigarette butts into the street, take garbage, dirty water, cut trees, runs over the animals, children, the elderly, all living things. Who we are "littering" trampling?
All To God!
The Spirit of God is in all creation!
I have recently received many complaints, saying, "is that God is deaf, does not hear me, I have asked and asked and does not serve me."
I think the problem is that we have not known how to relate to Him / Her. Today we will learn to relate with the Divine, with God. It is that He / She does not like to send you running errands (message-reasons). It is that often the messenger / a does not give the reason it is, or you lose the ticket. If it happened to us, right?
Well, well, Divinity-God wants us to speak each / a of us / as personally with our own words, without intermediaries / as, without using words others. Every day in this.
In today. Today and he likes to give you thanks.
Our relationship with Divinity, must be of You-to-you without hierarchies.
Mary, the Mother of Jesus and all the saints, are our friends, with your life, have left the teaching of how to relate with the Divine-with-God.
Our mothers, in their homes, they have been carriers of our faith, and have also taught us in his experience to relate to God the Father-Mother.
As women, we have a great responsibility to "know his name and let him know" that the love with which he / she loves us this at all / as we / as. So here at the Foundation reject anyone, anyone discriminate, that would reject Him / Her.
Divinity is one, for all / as everywhere!
Here ended and tomorrow, we are invited / you to participate in the bazaar that has organized the Foundation to raise funds for many things we need yet.
We thank the Divine for his presence among us / as, by the host of the companions of Spring Corporation, by people who have helped us yesterday, today and tomorrow, by the volunteer team that accompanies us, by the legal office it is already running, the support team of psychologists / os voluntary.
The Community is ready to receive food aid, organized by themselves, who have brought, which in the Plaza Retailers, who already know them, have given them to share with the families of the comrades who are in prison , their relatives, especially, grandparents and children.
And we hear from the windows to the boys that nobody approaches them and are afraid, "for, you good thing". I asked what they meant by that street slang. And I said, is like a blessing: the best for you the best for you!
That is, it protects us Divinity through boys!
* Roman Catholic presbyter.

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