The exhortation to the Body of Christ from Pope Francis is that 
constant love must prevail over judgmentalism. 
In our family we have experienced this mercy & compassion. 
The Joy of Love began when Joan and John fell in love years ago. 
They were both divorced, Joan a devout Catholic and leader of her
 parish choir; John an Episcopalian who served on the Catholic 
Hospital Board ; a member of the choir. 
They applied for annulments and waited and
 waited without a response. 
Ten years later, they talked to a monastic priest, a mystic, 
Joanie said. He looked at them and said, “You are a gift of love
 to one another. Talk to your pastor.” And they did. 
To their surprise, he supported marriage on one condition:
 ‘Do not give up any of your parish involvements!” 
Together the pastoral solution and moral discernment embodied 
in primacy of consciences was made. 
They were married on the Manatee River on Thanksgiving weekend. 
The issue as Fr. Roy Bourgeois described his experience, 
revolves around conscience and really living out in our lives—
all of us, what we believe. 
In our journey of faith we are going to come across situations 
in which we have to make decisions rooted in our belief in a 
loving and; just God.
So I look on this with astonishment! 
With the understanding that a Pope and a Church 
and each of us can build a merciful and loving Catholic Church.
Shared Homily