Thursday, December 15, 2016

"6 Ways to Know You're Divine" by Ellen Devenport/ Pathos[!]%20Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL%20Spirituality%20&utm_content=2996

He lived in full awareness of his oneness with the power and presence he called “the Father.” He spoke of himself as a door, a gate, a path to God because he was showing us what is possible for human beings when they are fully aligned with divine consciousness.
He said we could do anything he could do. (John 14:12)
Wouldn’t it feel good to live the way he did?
  • Unafraid to honor the people around you, no matter how they have been labeled.
  • Willing to overlook transgressions to remember the divine nature of each being.
  • Understanding of the struggles most people are experiencing.
  • Allowing divine energy to flow through you to touch others.
  • Spotting the spiritual fakes and confronting those who deliberately exploit others.
  • Knowing your own divinity and that of every person, always aware of the possibility for good and for growth.
Those are divine qualities that were born in you, just they were born in Jesus. That’s what we celebrate at Christmas.

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