Friday, December 16, 2016

A Creed for New Times by Lynn Kinlan


We believe in the all embracing Source of Life, birthing and healing, making
          all things possible.

We believe that the transformative Divine sparks relationship across Earth
and Eternity, with love beyond our wildest dreams.

We believe that The Beloved waits patiently for us to erase the boundaries we place
around human consciousness, and to realize heaven in the here and now.
We believe that in the twists and turns of difficult times, The Holy One invites
us into relationship with a love that can soothe and unify a hurting world.

We believe in Jesus whose radical blend of divinity and humanity reveals the promise
            and the challenge of being crafted in the image and likeness of Our Creator.

We believe that like Jesus, we are called to bring generous presence to the lonely and
            despairing, the hurting and broken, the yearning and disenfranchised.

We believe in the Spirit of Sophia Wisdom, nudging the universe to unfold as it would,
            making each new day one filled with promise and possibility.

We believe that the Spirit inspires within and among us the gentleness to comfort,
            the daring to challenge and the strength to lift up.

We believe in the wildfire of the Spirit, sweeping through this amazing journey
            of life, urging us toward wholeness, forever and ever.
 December, 2016

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