Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"When it comes to ordination Pope Francis is still a puppet of the church" by Kristina Keneally, The Guardian, My Response


"Francis is fond of saying that “God is not afraid of new things.” But when it comes to ordination, Francis seems afraid of the Curia, and the Curia in turn seems afraid of women priests, married priests and gay priests.

"This is the fatal flaw in Francis’ approach: by not speaking truth to internal power, by refusing to contemplate how ordination could be expanded, Francis is limiting his own legacy.
Unless Francis expands and changes who makes decisions and how decisions are made in the Catholic church, his papacy will risk changing nothing in the long run.
All his emphasis on the poor, the dispossessed and the climate will end up being just that – emphasis only. All his commentary about facing uncertainty and complexity of modern life will be just that – commentary.
Francis said he imagined his papacy will be short, maybe only four or five years.
Once Francis leaves the papacy who will hold the power? Who will make the black and white rules? The all-male priesthood, the traditionalist cardinals and the Curia, no longer unnerved, and back in charge."

Bridget Mary's Response: While I enthusiastically support Pope Francis' call for justice toward the marginalized in our world, I agree that he does not recognize the interconnectivity of all justice issues. Until the Catholic Church affirms the full equality of women in decision-making and in sacramental ministry as priests, it will fail to  give credible witness to Jesus' example of inclusivity. Today more than ever we need to heal the wound of sexism in the world and in the church. The international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement offers  a renewed model of priestly ministry that promotes baptismal equality in non-clerical, inclusive  grassroots communities of faith that are changing the church one woman priest at a time. Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP, www.arcwp.org

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