Saturday, April 14, 2018

Let us Pray for Peace in Syria: Most Powerful Force is Love, Letter by James Twyman


"Jimi Hendrix once said: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Think about those words for a moment. Do you believe that love truly is a powerful force? Is it possible that it’s the ONLY true force in this world? If you do, then I encourage you to keep reading, and then to join me is wielding this power.

Tonight, as I write this letter to you, the US, the UK and France are launching targeted strikes against Syria’s military to cripple its ability to use chemical weapons against its own people. We all know that the civil war in Syria has been a great and terrible blow against humanity, and it’s easy to resort to violence as a means of ending these violent actions by the leadership of Syria. Even as I write these words I can’t say that I know what the right answer is or what the right response should be, but there is one thing I do know: Violence ALWAYS results in more violence. And so as a spiritual peacemaker I know there must be another way, and I believe that we ARE that other way. I believe that when we join our hearts and minds together we become the most powerful force that exists in this world. I’ve been fortunate enough to stand on a hill overlooking Syrian villages held by ISIS, and while standing there I felt the force of millions of people like you ready to claim peace on a higher level. I’ve had the privilege of singing peace prayers in Bagdad (twice) while bombs were being readied to level that country, and while I stood there singing I felt the energy of millions of people who were prepared to use the power love as the only solution for ending that and every conflict. And there have been many, many other times when I’ve traveled to countries where peace seemed impossible, and yet each time I’ve witnessed miraculous powers overcome military powers and prayer overcome political hostilities. I truly believe that focused massive prayer efforts are the most powerful force on this planet. "

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