Saturday, June 16, 2018

"Our Father" for a New Millennium by Silvia Brandon Perez ARCWP

Our Father Mother God who are everywhere present, 

sanctified be thy name, holy be thy name, blessed be thy name which is love, which is peace, which is abundance, which is beauty,

Thy order come
Thy beauty come
Thy sacred community come

In and to our bodies, our souls, our sisters and brothers, children of all colors, races, national origins, gender orientations, shapes, abilities or disabilities, languages and dialects,

In and to our animal sisters and brothers of all shapes and colors and phyla and nature, 

In and to our verdant fertility,

In and to our oceans, rivers, brooks, 

In and to our skies and our infinite stars and galaxies,

Thy will be done in our universe, our homes, our lives, our consciences and our consciousness, in our planets, in our galaxies, in all the created and uncreated, 

Thy will of love and peace and symmetry and beauty, 

On Earth as it is within Your precious being, everywhere present.

Give us all this day our holiness, our love and abundance, our health and safety, our strength and our endurance,

And forgive us our trespasses, our cowardice and our unkindness, our meanness and our despair, our assumptions and our prejudices,

As we forgive those who trespass against us, against goodness and kindness and mercy and compassion and peace and love

And leave us not in temptation, in egotism, in judgment of others, in a failure of conscience and resolve and steadfastness,

But deliver us from evil.


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