Sunday, June 10, 2018

Psalm 6 , Silvia Brandon Perez ARCWP ,

Daughter, son, sister, brother, friend:
hear now my news 
you are a beam of light 
created from the finest filaments
of love

You share the qualities of love 
you are in every cell and molecule and breath 
pure light
and only love

In the beginning

At midday 

In darkest night your heart sends out 
beacons of light 
and love

Come now, rejoice
share light
share love

The heavens and the Earth
illumine with your spirit
share now the light 
and carry forth the love

Your sister and your brother 
your mother and your father
all things created as above, below
need light, need love

And this is why you came
And this why you're here:

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