Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Psalm 7: A Passionate Prayer for Today- Silvia Brandon Perez ARCWP

I come to Thee with broken heart 
O lover of my soul 
O soul of mine 
I come to thee with restless breath 
To pray your blessing on my woundedness 

O open up each interstice of loneliness 
And make it new with love
And soothe the anger, smooth the sharp retort 
I stand here as your bride, O joy 
O sweet and everlasting joy 

I weep in prayer and love 
For this our world so long in mourning 
I weep be in prayer and joy 
To be your instrument 
O love 

Morning has risen in the East again
Light after dark, O lover of my soul 
May all souls rise in fragrant offering 
I weep in prayer and love 
O sweet and everlasting joy

Rejoice for love is here 
Darkness and light are here 
The darkness of the womb of Earth 
The light of suns and stars 
O sweet and everlasting love 

I stand here, every tear 
A blessed reminder of a heart so full 
Be Thou my hearts companion
O  love O light oh joy 
O sweet and everlasting love.


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