Sunday, June 10, 2018

Two Roman Catholic Priests, Shepherds of the Good Shepherd, will celebrate a commemorative Mass for eight people. Saturday, June 16, 2018, Judy Lee RCWP

In the last two years, the Inclusive Catholic Community of the Good Shepherd of Fort Myers, Florida, has witnessed how your beloved co-pastor Judy Beaumont and six of the members return home with our loving God. The last one was Michael G. Murray whose life we ​​celebrated here last month, and Ruby Tuesday (Stacie Pearce) died in February of this year and was also commemorated in this blog. The other recently deceased are Linda Maybin, Ben Walden, Robert Swanson and Kathleen Vanderwarf. Our church member and Dr. Teresa Sievers took us away in a tragic murder in 2015. Each had different gifts and was a precious part of the life of our church and the ministry of the homeless and homeless.
Everyone is welcome to attend. It will be in a home in Fort Myers and to protect privacy the address is not given here, but those interested can email me at judyabl @ . Pastor Marina Teresa Sánchez Mejía and I will preside.
I've talked about Michael Murray and Ruby Tuesday (Stacie Pearce) in recent blogs. Ben Walden was a wonderful craftsman who made models of boats and other small treasures. After he was able to have a home in Goodwill Housing, he reconciled with his family and traveled to Colorado for a meeting. Kathleen Vanderwarf was Timothy's mother and both attended church and functions as best they could. They also faithfully attended the parish of St. Francis RC. Linda Maybin was baptized and confirmed in our church. She was a dear mother of seven children and one grandmother, and aunt of many and a teacher of our young children. She and her mother, Jolinda Harmon, brought more than twenty young people regularly to our church. Robert Swanson lived and cared for the church for two years. He was also baptized and confirmed in Good Shepherd.
Dr. Teresa Sievers attended church with us and also saw more than 35 pro bono homeless people to help them with their health needs and to qualify for housing. His selfless generosity in this was a sign of his Christian faith. His beloved daughters and his mother also attended our church on occasion.
The Gospel for next Sunday is Mark 4: 26-34 on the work of followers of Christ to sow seeds for relatives (g) sun-seeds of love and justice, so that the kingdom of God may spread throughout the earth where there is so much recent violence and conflict. Jesus says that it is the smallest seed that produces the most magnificent shade trees where the birds of the air can rest. I see the smallest seeds as the small acts of love that we each do. And those who have had a lot of faith in endless small acts of love have left a legacy of hope that will spread through the generations. We hope to celebrate that love together on June 16.
This quote from the theologian Henri Nouwen from his book  Bread for the Journey  , (copyright 1997, Harper, San Francisco) speaks of the seeds of kinship (g) dom and of what is eternal in life. They speak in consolation for the duel but also wait for the world.
"Hope and faith will come to an end when we die." But love will remain. Love is eternal. Love comes from God and returns to God. When we die, we will lose everything life gave us except love. The love with which we live our lives is the life of God within us. It is the divine and indestructible core of our being. This love will not only remain but will also bear fruit from generation to generation.
When we approach our deaths, let's say to those we left behind: "Do not let your heart be troubled". The love of God that dwells in my heart will come to you and offer you comfort and consolation. "Henri Nouwen"
As I write this, I am also aware of the transition to God, the last days and moments, of the beloved wife of my beloved cousin, Barbara Robinson. Barbara is a woman of such strong faith, whose voice addressed the Choir at her church in Santa Rosa de Lima, on Long Island, and also illuminated all of our family gatherings. Joy and warmth characterized his path in the world and everyone felt welcome and accepted in his presence. Her husband Bob, almost 61 years old, and their children Kathy and Ken, and their spouses George and Lisa, and all their children and grandchildren and our extended family, get up every day and call her blessed. She and Bob created the family as a bastion of love and support, as families should be, and often not, and love flows from them through generations. The life of Barbara Robinson is a beautiful example of sowing the seeds of love that reverberate through time. And as she joins the company of saints and angels we want her and her family to know that their love will last forever. And she will be remembered and loved forever, as will those who have departed from our Good Shepherd Community.
Love and blessings for all who mourn and for all who love, 
Pastor Judy Lee, RCWP 
Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community, Fort Myers Florida
In this image are Michael Murray, Ben Walden and Pastor Judy Beaumont, now in the company of Santos y Ángeles.
Above Ruby Tuesday / Stacie Pearce-Lawyer for the homeless.
Above, Robert, Kathleen and Linda and Pastor Judy Beaumont are in this image.
Here Linda (in the middle) is standing with her mother Jolinda, sponsors, while her son Quayschaun is baptized. And then Linda is standing with her class of "little lambs" in the church.
Next is Robert with his family on the day of his baptism and Confirmation
Above, Dr. Teresa Sievers and Kathleen Vanderwarf and Linda Maybin are in this Christmas photo.
Above is Barbara Robinson with her husband Bob and with Judy Beaumont and me and her niece Lori Whitlatch Post and her son Kenneth Robinson, and our Shotwell Cousins ​​Patty King and Dorothy Stewart at a family reunion.

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