Saturday, July 7, 2018

What I want the world to know about my call to priesthood- Marie David RCWP

Marie David understands her call to priesthood as a chance to see God's grace at the core of every person, and to serve in love and joy.

In 1975, a first-of-its-kind questionnaire was circulated to evaluate the first Women's Ordination Conference attendees' call to priesthood. And the survey said ... 

Of the women who responded to the questionnaire: 34.5% answered with an unqualified YES to the question, "Do you want to be ordained?" Another 24% responded either "Yes, if there are structural changes," or "not yet." 

The question, "Who are these women who want to be priests?" began before our very first conference and remains at the heart of our mission today: equality for women ready to lead.  

In today's Catholic Women Called video, we walk with Marie David as she shares:

"My priesthood is my yes. My priesthood is an invitation to others to share the sacredness in their lives. To share their hopes, their fears, their joys, their struggles, their faith, that is so rooted deeply in who they are, but at times is covered over by life's circumstances."

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