Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"Prayer to Ocean that You Are" Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez ARCWP

Prayer to Ocean that you are 

You are the Ocean
I stand before you 
afraid to go in 
afraid of the darkness that you are 
full moon
bones and sinews birds 
flying back 
from faraway stars 

I stand before you 
my robe wet 
with the spray of endless stars  
I stand before you 
afraid to come out 

You are the ocean 
roar in the night 
I'm lost in your infinity 
forever lost 
in the immensity of love 

Through closed eyes 
you whisper a name
I do not know 
wrapped in darkness 
of a warming night 

Honey in my tongue 
A smell of honeysuckle 
Above, below, the whisper of the wind 
brings me your scent 
O Lord my God   
O lover mine 

The mountains smile
my dreams wrapped in your music
in distance gentle rains
chrysanthemums and lilies
and how you fill me
O lover mine

All that I am is yours 
the tiniest smile 
the fiercest frown 
the ocean that you are 
to float away
into your endless heart 
O lover mine 

you fill my dreams with cymbals
trumpets, myrrh and frankincense 
I feel your breath upon my brow 
and I am yours as you are mine

Atoms and bluebells 
reddest blood coursing 
hands tingling 
with the presence of holiness 

Quiet, you say, my love 
Be still and know.

Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez

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