Friday, February 6, 2015

Vatican Conference on Women's Cultures Equality and Differences Ignores Elephant in the Church, Women Priests/ No Surprise! Link to videos , youtube and check out this blog and google!

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Alas, the Vatican Conference on Women's Cultures ; Equality and Differences could have offered at least one video about the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement. After all, Pope Francis has opened up conversation on controversial issues. I know inviting us to the conference might have been a bridge too far for the prelates at this time, but honestly, they could have shown at least one of videos that show enthusiastic participation in inclusive liturgies where all are welcome and all can receive sacraments. We believe that is what Jesus in the Gospels did and so our hearts are open to all God's people, not just the ones that follow man-made canon laws.  

The Vatican can no longer ignore the elephant in their own living room, women priests! 

They have tried everything to stop our movement without success. 

Women Priests are leading the institutional church, with the hierarchy kicking and screaming, into a new future, gender justice!

Long ago, Rabbi Jesus showed the way with women in a discipleship of equals.

It is time for the Vatican to follow Jesus and treat women as equals. God cannot be God and discriminate against women. Neither should the church. Lots of Catholics agree. Surely, this is not a radical idea!

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The Vatican Conference on Women's Cultures: Equality and Differences showed off the stumbling, bumbling efforts of an all-male hierarchy who make decisions about women's lives behind closed doors. So let's give them credit for a" crumb"as Kate McElwee said in her blog.  

Yes, the Vatican had a meeting about women.  A few women were invited, but they were not equally represented even in a consultation role. (7 women, 52 men)  

From the ridiculous video to the naked woman in bondage art piece, this conference was a debacle that alienated and insulted women across the globe. What were they thinking women wanted? Thinking? This was their first problem!  See Mary Hunt's excellent analysis of the lack of theological coherence and the failure to comprehend contemporary advances in gender studies.

In my view, the Vatican should treat women as Jesus did - as equals and partners-in the church. This means women should have had decision-making power and equal representation at the conference. 
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

Article on Vatican Conference:
“...I know many of you are rolling your eyes, but this is a crumb instead of the usual absence of said crumb,” McElwee wrote. She added that one of the videos shared was made by Marinella Perroni, who was president of the Italian Women’s Theologian collective and is considered a strong advocate for women in the church. A female plastic surgeon and Sister Eugenia Bonetti, an Italian nun who fights sex trafficking, were among the other speakers at the event. Still, McElwee said the event had its fair share of low points. She indicated the crowdsourced videos represented a “very selective sampling.” Supporters of her organization -- an advocate for the ordination of  women as priests, deacons and bishops -- submitted videos with the hashtag, but they were not shown..."

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