Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Soul Women of the United Nations’ Five Regions of the World" by Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

Nothing less
than a cosmological
will summon
the women.

Celestial suns
are too many
to count.

Shooting stars
are too numerous
to track.

Glorious light
is too awe-inspiring
to behold.

Nothing less
than a cosmological
will discompose
the world.

Like titanic
rivers flowing
the women
of the five
regions speak.

“Femicide no more!”
say the women of Latin America and the Caribbean

“Men must befriend us!”
say the women of Western Europe and Other Groups

“End the misogyny!”
say the women of Eastern Europe

“You will not take our girls!”
say the women of Africa

“Male power will cease and desist!”
say the women of Asia Pacific

The rushing rivers
of prolonged cry
converge into a brand
new moment.

At the transcendent
still point
gold pours forth
into the universal
female heart.

On that day
in the cafe
she sips flecks
of gold from
her latte.

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