Thursday, March 22, 2018

"When Religious Freedom Hurts" ,Coalition for Liberty and Justice Film

As people of faith we especially know that the treasured value of religious freedom should never be used as a means to try to impose one set of beliefs onto everyone. As communities of faith we have an important role to play in curbing the misuse of religion to justify discrimination. We are confident the video and adjoining materials (see more below) will be a fantastic resource in the days and weeks to come, both to generate as many comments as possible to HHS on the rule creating the false-hearted office of conscience protections, and also to help us shines a light on the real people who get hurt when we privilege one set of beliefs over all others in this country.
Our Values
We support the separation of religion and state and believe that public policy should not impose or privilege any religious viewpoint.
We support religious liberty and the ability to exercise one’s rights based on conscience, moral codes and beliefs.
We support public policies that both respect religious liberty and protect against the use of religious beliefs or traditions to discriminate or undermine equality.
We advance religious liberty and justice that respects individuals, supports the common good and reflects the foundational principles of our nation.

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