Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"Being Ghosted for My Heresy by MAGA Christians" by John Pavlovitz

"People often say God moves in mysterious ways.

I won’t argue with them.
 Over recent years, as I started to ask more questions and as my faith grew more and more progressive, I experienced a massive personal exodus.
I lost hundreds, perhaps thousands of former church friends and co-ministers who disconnected, went silent, or actively ridiculed me for “falling away from the faith.”
Since then I’ve watched many of these same people move lock-step with this completely immoral President, and betray nearly everything about the life and ministry of Jesus—like Peter repeatedly denying Jesus in the garden.

It has been a sickening marvel to witness the hypocrisy of men and women for whom I was no longer “Christian enough” because I welcomed LGBTQ people or questioned the existence of Hell or the inerrancy of Scripture—suddenly justify sexual predators, excuse pussy-grabbing bravado, applaud the building of walls, and celebrate the silencing of black athletes.
The same Christians who shunned me for reminding them that Jesus wasn’t white, American, or Christian—essentially became vocal activists solely for white American Christians.
But this week has been uniquely and tragically illuminating.
As much as I’ve grieved the loss of these people and been wounded by their condemnation and judgment, I’m grateful that I am in a different place in my spiritual journey.

I once was blind, now I see."

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