Thursday, June 21, 2018

Global Sister's Report - NCR Series - Seeking Refuge

More than 65 million people had been displaced from their homes because of factors such as war, threats from gangs, natural disasters, and lack of economic opportunities at the end of 2016, the highest number of displaced since the aftermath of World War II. Of those, the United Nations considered 22.5 million to be refugees: people forced to leave their countries because of persecution, war or violence.
Global Sisters Report is bringing a sharper focus to the plight of refugees through this special series, Seeking Refuge, which will follow the journeys refugees make: living in camps, seeking asylum, experiencing resettlement and integration, and those who are deported to a country they may only vaguely remember or that may still be dangerous.
Though not every refugee follows this exact pattern, these stages in the journey are emblematic for many — and at every stage, Catholic women religious are doing what they can to help.

A special series by Global Sisters Report

Our sister publication, Global Sisters Report, just launched an in-depth series reporting on the difficult journey of refugees and how Catholic sisters are helping.  

Read the published stories so far, and check back weekly for new stories.

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