Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Call Congress Representative to Support Bipartisan Approach to Immigration - Stop Family separation and offer Bipartisan Solution for Dreamers, No to Goodlatte Bill and Ryan Bill

Call your Representative: 1-888-436-6478
Call today to urge the Representative to vote NO on two immigration bills that are anticipated for a vote this week. Both Representative Goodlatte’s bill (HR 4760) and Speaker Ryan’s bill criminalize our immigrant communities and fail to provide a compassionate and permanent solution for Dreamers. Further, these bills do nothing of substance to end the immoral practice of family separation. Instead, I urge the Representative to support a bipartisan approach to addressing one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time. This is not the time for partisan politics, it is time to pass a compassionate solution for Dreamers and our larger community. Will the Representative oppose the Goodlatte bill and make sure that any so-called compromise legislation is truly done in a bipartisan manner?”

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