Friday, June 22, 2018

NCR Calls for Bishops to Speak Out

Will our religious leaders have the courage to speak out?  An NCR article today calls for the Roman Catholic Bishops to speak out: Sound the horn, bishops, we're waiting.

The women in the church continue to lead the way. Roman Catholic Women Priests and members of the Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community of  Albany, NY are joining grassroots movements as change-maker in their communities. This cartoon appeared in the Daily Gazette Newspaper (Schenectady, NY) and immediately, the emails began to fly in protest.

Citizen Action of NY posted this message: We are asking everyone to call Managing Editor, Miles Reed, at 518-395-3106 and Publisher, John DeAugustine at 518-395-3051.
Our message is: We don’t accept the publication, and perpetuation, of racism. We demand an acknowledgment of the egregious attack on immigrants and people of color and a published apology for the cartoon created by Tom Stiglich and published on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

We need everyone to call and not let this kind of vicious stereotyping continue to happen. Women leaders are taking action in local, national and global issues. We are speaking out! When will we hear from the bishops?

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