Friday, June 22, 2018

Women's Ordination Conference - Catholic Women Called - Paula Hoeffer

In a wide-ranging interview this week with Reuters, Pope Francis was asked to respond to the idea of a woman with a "strong desire" to become a priest. 

Throughout his pontificate, Pope Francis has remained trapped in outdated arguments about the role of women as the "bride of Christ," and unwilling to walk with women who prayerfully discern a call to priesthood. 

Pope Francis needs to meet Paula Hoeffer. 

Beyond just desire, women prayerfully discern their call to priesthood from God, just as men do. We know these women and we support these women. To be a priest is rooted in a calling from God; no man should attempt to deny that call.

In this week's Catholic Women Called video, Paula shares how her unexpected call brought her to deeper joy and authenticity.

In endorsing his predecessors' misogyny, Pope Francis loses credibility among the majority of Catholics calling for women's ordination as deacons and priests. Until women's priestly vocations are recognized and affirmed by the Church through ordination, women will have no true leadership and equity in its structures, no matter how many dicasteries they are appointed to lead.

Our work to uncompromisingly advocate for women's equality in our Church urgently continues. A door jammed with sexism cannot hold. 

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